NSF Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship 2010


This contest is closed.

Internal Deadline: 5 p.m. February 5, 2010

The NSF has announced the 2010 Solicitation for Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT). By providing funds for innovative interdisciplinary training either within or across institutions, the program aims to encourage graduate education that involves collaboration across traditional disciplinary boundaries in emerging areas of science and engineering. Please see this page for more information.

The solicitation requires submission of preliminary proposals by March 29, 2010, and full proposals by September 30, 2010. Only those whose preliminary proposals are selected during the first stage review are allowed to submit full proposals for the second stage review.

Because the NSF has imposed a limit of four preliminary proposals per institution, it may be necessary to hold an internal competition to select our nominees. Potential IGERT applicants from CU-Boulder should use the form below to submit the following items to the Vice Chancellor for Research by 5 p.m., February 5, 2010:

  • 3-page summary of the proposed training program (indicate whether this will be a new or a renewal proposal)
  • List of participating personnel
  • Letter of support from the PI's department chair

An internal committee will select four nominees prior to the March 29, 2010 preliminary proposal deadline.