Travel 1/1/14-6/31/14 International


This contest is closed.

This application will be open on:

November 14, 2013 from 8:30-12:00 for FIRST-TIME applicants only.

November 15, 2013 from 8:30-1:30 for ALL applicants


FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ONLY (excluding Mexico and Canada)

The Graduate School offers grants for graduate students to present research findings at meetings or conferences outside Colorado.  The Graduate School provides a travel grant of $500 for international conferences.  Funds will be applied directly to the student’s tuition account.  If the account balance is zero, a direct deposit refund will be disbursed by the Bursar’s office.  The grant is treated like a fellowship and reported to the Office of Financial Aid; therefore, please be aware it may affect your student loan package.  The grant is contingent on account funding by the Graduate School. 


    If you received travel grant funding from the graduate school during the last application cycle (May for current fall applicants, November for current spring applicants) you will need to wait until the next application cycle to apply, you may not apply during this cycle.


The applicant must be a full-time graduate student in good standing, and the travel must occur while the applicant is still an active student.

The applicant must be traveling to a meeting/conference to present his/her own work on which he/she is the primary author.

The applicant must be enrolled during the term that the travel occurs (excluding summer).  If the travel occurs during the summer (and the student is not enrolled), the grant will be applied to the fall bill.

A student receiving significant travel funding (over $500) from another source (fellowship, scholarship, grant, departmental travel funds) is not eligible.

Students whose units have standing travel funds should apply there first; if such money is available only as matching, then they may apply to the Graduate School first.


Here are the required elements on the application:

1) Student ID and contact information

2) Dates of Conference

3) Location of Conference

4) Department travel liaison contact information

5) Academic Advisor contact information

6) Applicant must confirm that they have received their advisor’s approval for the travel.

7) Supporting documents showing that you will be presenting at this conference (e.g. acceptance letter/email, program, abstract etc.)