Beverly Sears Graduate Student Research Grants



Deadline: 5 pm, December 19, 2011

The Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grants are competitive awards sponsored by the Graduate School that support the research, scholarship and creative work of graduate students from all departments at CU-Boulder. All funding is provided by private donations, and the grants range from $100 to $1,000 per proposal. Please refer to the Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grant Tips & Guidelines for more information.

The highest-ranked proposals are considered for a Named Graduate Student Grant. Funding for the Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grants program comes entirely from private donations. Some awards are made possible by the generous donation of an individual or family, often in honor of a family member. Winners of Named Graduate Student Grants will be awarded an additional $1000. Also, they will be expected to undertake stewardship responsibilities to the donor (e.g., write a thank you letter and attend a Graduate School Advisory Committee luncheon).

To apply:


  1. Prepare all the files to be uploaded during the online application process. You may purchase a PDF version of your current transcripts online from the Registrar at, or you may scan one in yourself. Official or unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Transcripts must include the current, active semester in order to verify enrollment status.
  2. Request a confidential letter of support from your advisor or from another faculty member who is familiar with your work. Ask your advisor (or other faculty member) to e-mail this letter to Please ask them to send the recommendation as a separate attachment, not in the body of the email.  The advisor's letter should address the specific merits of the proposal and the abilities and potential of the student applicant. The advisor should also provide information about other financial support the student is receiving for his/her research. Advisors who are submitting recommendations for more than one student should make clear distinctions between students regarding the merits of each individual's work. Be sure to tell your advisor that his/her letter must be received by the proposal deadline. The Graduate School will no longer accept letters of support after the posted deadline.
  3. Submit the application form below. Please note that you must complete the application in one session. Once you click "Submit" (and all required fields are populated), your application will be submitted. You will not have the opportunity to modify it.
  4. Ensure that all materials are received by the Graduate School by the deadline. Any items received after the deadline will not be accepted; incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Did you receive a bev sears grant in spring 2011?

If you received a Bev Sears grant in spring 2011, and have not already submitted an activities report, you are not eligible to receive funding this cycle until you have completed this requirement. You may submit your report here:

Bev Sears Activities Report

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Research Involving Human or Animal Subjects

If your project involves human or animal subjects please upload that information here. All proposals that involve the use of human subjects or animals must be approved by the appropriate committee before an award can be made. Students whose human research has been approved must include their IRB protocol number on the application form


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Letter of Support - For administrative use only,

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