Science and Technology Centers (STCs): Integrative Partnerships


This contest is closed.

Science and Technology Centers (STCs): Integrative Partnerships 

Internal Deadline: Tuesday July 31th, 2014, 5:00PM

NSF Full Proposal Deadline: No current Announcement 

The University of Colorado would like to setup an internal competition in anticipation of an NSF announcement. Expected, only 3 applications per campus allowed. Interested parties are invited to submit their materials on-line to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. Please upload 3-10 pages total, in pdf format, addressing the following requested materials:

Internal materials are the following:

  • - Project description including science and research vision, intellectual merit and broader impacts of the proposed center, data management plan.
  • - Management, leadership structure.
  • - Resources available and needed, both internal and external.
  • - Vision and plan for long term sustainability of the center.


This competition is in anticipation of a future official announcement from the NSF.  At this time there is no official announcement and the following information is from previous notifications.


Synopsis of Program:

The Science and Technology Centers (STCs): Integrative Partnerships program supports innovative, potentially transformative, complex research and education projects that require large-scale, long-term awards. STCs conduct world-class research through partnerships among academic institutions, national laboratories, industrial organizations, and/or other public/private entities, and via international collaborations, as appropriate. They provide a means to undertake significant investigations at the interfaces of disciplines and/or fresh approaches within disciplines. STCs may involve any areas of science and engineering that NSF supports. STCs investments support the NSF vision of advancing discovery, innovation and education beyond the frontiers of current knowledge, and empowering future generations in science and engineering.

The National Science Foundation established the Science and Technology Centers Program in 1987. The objective was to mount an innovative, interdisciplinary campaign in important areas of basic research. STCs have grown from a new idea into a vital network of programs. They have catalyzed breakthroughs, built bridges of exchange with industry, spun off new technologies and businesses, and trained young
scientists and engineers.

Award Information:

  • - Anticipated Type of Award: Cooperative Agreement - initial commitment of five years; the possibility of five-year renewal.
  • - Estimated Number of Awards: up to 6 centers
  • - Anticipated Funding Amount: $30,000,000 for first year support of newly funded centers. Funds are approximate and based on FY 2013 funding.