2014 - Best Digital Data Management Plans and Practices


This contest is closed.

Internal Deadline: Competition closes 17:00 (5pm), August 15th, 2014

Subject: Best Digital Data Management Plans and Practices

This competition is open to ALL faculty, post doctoral researchers and graduate students whose research or creative works generate digital data. We would like to stress that submissions related to creative works are especially welcome.

Award info:  Internal Competition for a $2000 Award in Five Different Categories

Synopsis of Program: 

CU-Boulder supports the idea that the primary data, and derived knowledge products developed on campus, should be easily available to other researchers within a reasonable time and in ways that promote re-use, broader synthesis, and long term preservation. We are looking for examples of best practices in a variety of fields that we can use as examples as part of our efforts to promote the development of effective data management plans.

A data management plan is a formal document that describes how your data will be collected, organized, described, shared, and preserved throughout the course of your project and beyond.  We want to stress that “data” should be interpreted broadly, including (but not limited to): text files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, websites, calibration information, or simulation outputs; digital information artifacts, such as images, vector-based map products, audio and video products; the code to decode digital outputs; the metadata describing such information artifacts, and required source code.

If you believe your data management plan represents disciplinary best practices for long-term preservation and access to your data, we encourage you to submit your plan as described below.  Up to five  $2k awards will be granted as general research funds to the awardee in each of the following categories:

•           arts and humanities,

•           engineering,

•           life sciences,

•           physical sciences, and

•           social sciences.


It is highly recommended that you visit https://data.colorado.edu/cudmpguidance to help you understand the characteristics of good plans.

The award winners will be announced September 17th at the Research Administration Fair.